Non-Toxic Surface Shield

Effective For Up To 2 Weeks - Safe for Pets and People

Nuturell Surface Shield is a clinically proven formula that is 99.9% effective against Salmonella, H1N1, E. coli, Human CORONA Virus Strain, and many more deadly organisms through a Mechanical Kill as opposed to a harsh Chemical Kill.

Our silver-based solution provides optimal protection against fungi, mold, and many other viruses and bacteria. Each application lasts for 14 days.

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From: $34.99
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Nuturell Surface Shield is a revolutionary product that is both an antiviral and antimicrobial solution dedicated to offering the best defense possible when it comes to combating unwanted, harmful pathogens.

The goal is to eliminate damaging microbes in the most successful and rapid manner while also maintaining safety and creating a longer lasting protected environment.

The continuous integrity of our successful, non-toxic, revolutionary antimicrobial agents is due to the years of dedicated scientific research that utilizes the latest advancements in silver technology and understanding the need for a safe yet effective product.


Nuturell is made in the USA and adheres to a strict clearance process and guidelines set forth by the EPA
Active Ingredient: Silver <0.003%
Other [inert] ingredients: Glycerin 0.125% Inert salts 0.125% Water 99.747%
Nuturell Surface Shield is pending approval from the EPA for the vital formulation components, but since Nuturell is non-toxic and doesn't use any traditional chemicals, the EPA doesn't have jurisdiction over this product. Nuturell has gained:
EPA Company Number: 97456
EPA Establishment Number: 97456-DE-1
EPA Low Risk Polymer Criteria Number: 2011-3
EPA PRIA Number: 97456-R Completed
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14 Day Efficacy Statement

Nuturell Non-Toxic Surface Shield lasts for 2 Weeks on all surface mediums per application. (EPA Tested and Reported)
Our mission was to create a novel 100% natural treatment that kills 99.9% of germs on contact. The traditional mode of action to combat transmission of harmful microorganisms on surfaces is to attack the germs with varying degrees of poisonous chemicals, resulting in a “chemical kill” - This traditional method is often harmful to humans, animals and plants. Unlike those traditional methods, when a surface is coated with Nuturell Surface Shield, millions of “invisible” silver molecules begin forming and bonding with the surface, effectively forming a new surface, resulting in a “mechanical kill” coating that keeps killing germs up to 14 days.
The only known effectiveness loss before 2 weeks is caused by abrasion on heavy traffic areas.


How long has the Nuturell product been in the marketplace?

Nuturell is a brand-new product that has just recently been tested and pending approval by the EPA. The COVID pandemic brought this product to the forefront because of the need for a non-chemical, non-toxic alternative to harmful products.

How many sales does the Company have?

Nuturell has a number of sales from their Manufacturers Representatives and their approved internet resellers. As stated earlier, it is a brand-new product and the company is watching their market penetration grow on a daily basis.

Are the EPA lab reports and studies readily available?

Yes! You can download them on the company’s website at

Has the product been registered and received its authorization number from the EPA?

Nuturell doesn’t use any traditional chemicals, and is non-toxic, so isn’t under the purview of the EPA. We are going through the final approval stages as a formality and have an EPA establishment number: 97456-DE-1. Feel free to read the studies and lab reports readily available at or visit the EPA website.

Can I visit your Manufacturing Partners Facilities?

Absolutely, but it is by appointment only. Feel Free to submit the Contact Us inquiry for a tour. We will be glad to show you the facilities in Houston and Anaheim. Nuturell is American made, bottled, and distributed in the United States.

Why was the Company Created?

Years ago, the Scientist that invented Nuturell was asked to use his technology to stop EBOLA with a MECHANICAL KILL. In the process of doing so, the non-toxic product was created and come to find out, it provided protection for 14 days against a larger group of pathogens! In early 2020 Nuturell filed with the EPA to bring the product to market in order to prevent the spread of SARS-COV-2.

What is the difference between a Mechanical Kill and a Chemical Kill?

Chemical kills occur due to a suffocation process by harmful chemicals. Mechanical kills work by penetrating the outer shell of the viral wall and forces it to bleed out. A Mechanical kill also prevents replication where in a Chemical kill, replication is still possible.

Is the Nuturell Mechanical Kill safe for Humans and Pets and Animals?

The Silver Technology developed in Nuturell has been proven to not harm people or animals.

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